• Sandalwood Mala


Tibetan Sandalwood Mala crafted with 108 8mm Kadam Sandalwood beads, Black Onyx markers, finished with a Snakeknot and beaded adornments.


Sandalwood (Santalum Album) is a very fragrant, fine-grained yellow wood from India. Treasured for centuries, this variety is indigenous to southern India, and comes out of Mysore. It is endangered and trade prohibited and now we offer lightly scented Kadam Sandalwood which is now the Eco-friendly alternative and used throughout India to make sacred handicrafts.


Sandalwood: Protective and promote a spiritual awareness when worn.

Black Onyx: Helps one to change bad habits and is a powerful healing and grounding stone. Black stone in the Feng Shui tradition is considered “Yin” and is folklore says it helps with emotional protection and increased power. It is associated with the root chakra.

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Sandalwood Mala

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